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While her interests in cooking would remain a constant personal hobby, her formal education and professional trek would take her to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in television production.  Wanting to gain access to the production company, Nicole agreed to appear on a reality show working with a famous Chef. The four-day experience would prove life-changing as Nicole would soon leave LA, return home to Maryland and enroll in Culinary school.  Upon completion of the program, Nicole accepted a European internship abroad.  However a professional opportunity in Washington DC would entice a stay.  Motherhood soon followed and Nicole transitioned from the demands of a restaurant's kitchen to planning events throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.  The world events of 2020 would fortuitously lead to donning the chef's coat once again.  With the picturesque backdrop of the Potomac River in the National Harbor as Nicole's professional home for nearly 12 years with Bond 45 and Fiorella,

the timing and location provided the perfect opportunity for the start of

Sylver Spoon Culinary Studio!

Please join Nicole and friends for a weekend pop-up series for some food-fill fun!

Sylver Spoon Culinary Studio is born from Founder Nicole Sylver's long-held love of great food and sharing food experiences with friends and family.  Nicole grew up surrounded by a large extended family full of great cooks. From a very young age when her friends were watching cartoons, Nicole took special interest in cooking particularly cooking instruction by emulating her favorite TV Chefs. 

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